“Now we’re cooking with charcoal”

… to quote Terry Pratchett (who incidentally I will miss tremendously)

So we are now ready to go (well nearly).

  • The food safety licence is sorted (that wasn’t too painful)
  • HMRC have said I can pay beer duty to them … how kind (also not too painful)
  • Bristol City council have given me a licence to sell beer (now that was a pain: training course, an exam, application fee and delays … but we’ve got there).

All I need now is to get the branding sorted out and that is taking AGES

As you will see from the website, things have moved on and we are getting there, but it seems to take forever!


On that front you will start to see a lot of changes to the website as I introduce a more professional look, and remove my rather sweet, but amateur attempt. Still not professing professionalism, but maybe a bit more grown up?

Most importantly I have been brewing and have refined my range into three groups:

  • The core four: the backbone of the brewery
  • The experimental four: very high or low alcohol, or a bit off the mainstream – I will be putting some pages up on those in the next few days
  • The aspirational four: things I’d love to brew but maybe no one would buy … the twinkles in my eye