A brand?

What on earth is a brand? And why bother? Surely a good product sells itself.

Oh if only it was that easy.

When you are buying a new beer you are working on trust, shelling out money for something you haven’t tried before. So What the beer looks like on the outside (in our case the bottle) is very important. Do you trust it? Does it appeal to you? do you want to be associated with it?

So the aim of branding the Bolthole Brewery was to provide people with the reassurance that the stuff in the bottle is worth trying. Once you’ve opened the bottle and tasted the liquid inside then the brand has done it’s job – it’s now over to the quality of the beer. Is it interesting? does it taste good? Do I want to drink more or others by the same brewery?

Naturally I want you to say yes to all those questions – but that’s not down to the brand … that’s down to the beer.