First Sales?

OK. So we’ve mucked about with (and shelled out for) premises and licences and recipe development and “brand”. Now we’ve got to sell the stuff otherwise we can’t afford to play this game anymore.

So the plan is in three stages:

  1. personal, small scale … me doing all the work either from the website or at farmers markets
  2. a few local outlets around Bristol … independent off licences, free houses, local clubs
  3. whatever comes after that ….

So actually its a 2 stage plan in the full knoweledge that there might (or might not) be more after that. We’ll cross that bridge when it’s burning.

First public outing is at Bath Farmers Market on 9th May. If you have never been to BFM, I strongly recommend it … take a look

Soon I am going to have to put a purchasing system on the website to help people get the goods, but that feels a bit scary (and corporate … Google might own my soul). Probably more hoops to jump through.