Blonde Bombshell

BB tasting

Oh I love this beer! Give me a warm evening and a pint of Blonde Bombshell and I am in heaven.

Don’t let the paleness of the beer mislead you into thinking it has no body or flavour. This beer packs a mouth load of softfruit flavours and bitter sweetness that explode on your tastebuds (yes that is a technical term).

The beer is designed as a very blonde ale to emphasise the magnificent Nelson Sauvin hops used in the boil, hopback and dry hopping. These impart a fruitiness close to Sauvignon Blanc wine without an over powering malt characteristic to get in the way. These hops are only grown in Nelson on the South Island of New Zealand and are part of the new wave of exciting fruity hops coming from the USA and Australasia.

But don’t think these hops are lightweights … they come packed with a huge amount of hop oils and acids to create an assertive beer which you will remember.

Blonde Bombshell is also made with a small amount of light crystal malt to counteract the bitterness of the hops and produce a fuller more satisfying ale.

Bring on the summer and the Blonde Bombshell 🙂