Platinum Blonde

Platinum cropped

The fruity sister of the Blonde Bombshell, the Platinum Blonde is also lovely on a warm day in the garden, with slightly more fruit overtones from the Mosaic hops from the USA.

I have mentioned in my Confused Thinking blog that the Blonde Bombshell hops (Nelson Sauvin) are becoming impossible to get hold of, so I have developed a sister beer using a similar fruity hop, Mosaic. Just about everything describing Blonde Bombshell applies to Platinum Blonde, except instead of the white wine overtones we have slightly more fruit overtones coming from the hop … blueberries and mangoes.

The malt list is the same – light on colour with a little pale crystal to push the hops to the front.

The hops themselves are a new breed from the USA only around for a couple of years (a cross between Simcoe and Nugget) and are worth every penny of their exorbitant price. I just hope they don’t become too popular!


Overall the Platinum Blonde is a slightly smoother, more rounded pale blonde beer. And whilst I would not want to say anything against the bombshell, slightly less tart?

So summer isn’t cancelled, it’s just got fruitier.