It would appear that despite my best efforts to hide, CAMRA have spotted that the BoltHole exists.

I blame Paul Baker at the Brunswick Club who in a dire emergency bought one of my experimental beers … Dark Secret, which hasn’t made it to the market yet. This was for a CAMRA meeting and despite it being 9.3% abv Imperial Stout seemed to find acceptance … to quote:

” it went really well, [they] loved the dark secret and I also sold some of the chocolate glory. Come the end of the night they were drinking it by the pint [shear madness] … Camra were very happy

Thanks Paul (?)

So now I am on the CAMRA list of breweries, have a brewery liaison officer (hi Martin) and keep getting emails from strange places (the latest from the Czech Republic).

I hope this isn’t the road to sales and profits and happiness …