Getting the goods

The sales side of the operation is a still in development (euphemism for a bit rubbish). Expect improvements over the next few months.

The beers are sold in several formats:

Individual bottles: a chance to try a few different ales


Cases of 12: stop mucking about and get a few in!


Gift sets of 3: the perfect gift for those into beer


20L boxes of draft ale: party party party!


High quality conatiners which keep beer fresh for weeks

Growlers: bring your own container


Please make sure they are clean: I don’t want to put my lovely clean beer into a mucky container … it’ll go off and taste bad and nobody wants that.

Bottles boxes and gift set are always available at the drop of a hat.

Boxes and growlers rely on there being a fresh draft batch available that hasn’t found it’s way into bottles, so a bit of advance warning will avoid disappointment.

Outlets are either direct from the brewery (contact or Bath Farmers Market.

Price list

image1We have a stall at Bath Farmers Market at Green Park Station every 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, so please come along and check us out.

At the moment we only sell bottles at the market, but if there is a demand for growlers and boxes, it can be arranged.


Bath Farmers Market

Green Park Station

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Price list